Saturday, December 4, 2010

Patriots 2010 Contract Expirations

The Patriots are in unusually good position going into the offseason. With the uncertainty of the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA), the Patriots have done a good job getting a majority of their roster signed through the 2011 season or beyond.

Logan Mankins is one player who probably jumps out at most people as someone the Patriots would want to get signed. No one on the rest of the list below would be a likely candidate for the franchise tag. If the new CBA has a franchise tag, the Machiavellian Bill Belichick will likely consider applying the tag to Mankins. Given the uncertainty with Stephen Neal's future at right guard, it would seem to be prudent to franchise Mankins. At the very least, Belichick could get a draft pick with a sign and trade.

For other players, my guess is that the Pats sign Matt Light for next year. It is difficult to replace a left tackle and Light/Vollmer at the tackles is likely a better combination than Vollmer/anyone. The one x-factor could be if the Pats get a top tackle in the 2011 draft.


Matt Light, OT, 32, $4.5 million, Free Agent

Fred Taylor, RB, 34, $2 million, Free Agent

Kevin Faulk, RB, 34, $2 million, Free Agent

Jarrad Page, DB, 26, $1.759 million, Free Agent

Sammy Morris, RB, 33, $900K, Free Agent

Gerard Warren, DL, 32, $900K, Free Agent

Logan Mankins, G, 28, $816K, Free Agent

Quinn Ojinnaka, OL, 26, $640K, Free Agent

BenJarvus Green-Ellis, RB, 25, $470K, Restricted Free Agent

Tracy White, LB, 29, $470K, Free Agent

Ryan Wendell, OL, 24, $395K, Restricted Free Agent

Kyle Arrington, CB, 24, $395K, Exclusive Rights Free Agent

Shayne Graham, K, 32, $216K, Free Agent

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