Sunday, January 16, 2011

Divisional Round Prediction

Pats 31 Jets 20

Pats cover the 9 point spread and both teams will outscore the 44 1/2 point over/under. Rex Ryan will put his foot in his mouth. Bring on the Steelers!

Monday, January 3, 2011

End of Regular Season Report Card

Unable to keep up with the second half 8-0 New England Patriots, I was still a respectable 6-2 against the line and 5-3 for the over/under which brings the season to 12-4 against the line and 11-5 for the over/under.

More impressive were the following two pre-season predictions:

  • "Pats are going to be much better than all of the pundits think. Patriots' offense will make up for some of the defensive deficiencies. Defensive backfield will gel for the second half of the season. Pats special teams will be better than past years. Pats will surprise with a 12 win season."
  • "2002 is the last year the Jets won the division. Don't look for that to change for the 2010 season. Pats win the division. Jets are a wild card team."

While I sold the Pats short by two games I was one of the few who predicted that the Pats would have a good season, that they would win the division, that the defensive backfield would gel for the second half of the season, and that special teams would be a key this season. Unlike the Patriots I will not take the high road, to all of you who made fun of me for my starry eyed Patriots predictions… Hah!